We specialize in delinquent accounts. We have all the technical equipment for skip tracing and resources for excellent recovery. We are a Bonded company and offer 35 years of professional expertise in commercial and retail collections and accounts receivable management.

We have been very successful in this field and have a cliental that is very happy with our bottom line recoveries. Our recovery costs provided for our clients are from 0 - 12 months 30%. Twelve months and over 35%. Secondary placements 35%. If we need to utilize our attorneys, with your written approval, we will keep the rate at 40%. Our success rate of placements run as high as 70% of recovery.

We are a full service collection agency and if we are not successful in our internal collections, we have attorneys that cover the entire country and in each state cover every county in the state, and would only utilize this service with your written approval. We handle Home Equity Loans, home loans, secured loans, personal loans, balloon financing, auto loans and Visa/Mastercard delinquencies, bad checks, overdraft checking, fraud accounts, etc. We also specialize in professional business companies, distributors, manufacturer and commercial accounts.

Please contact us 908-486-7100 to set up an appointment. We will answer all of your questions, and show you how to get started. Also take note that we do personal service if our letters and phone calls do not get a response. We have people in the field that will investigate assets and make contact with the debtor. We are the best skip tracers in the collection industry. Do not let your receivables get too old. We do not charge for any skip tracing that we may have to do to locate your debtor. We only charge our fees upon collection.

If you have any other attorney on a retainer basis, check those judgments and send them in to us and we will collect your money on old and new accounts.

Eastern States Recovery Service, LLC
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Phone: 908.486.7100

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Eastern States Recovery Service, LLC | 2036 Ingalls Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036